Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How Comfy Shoes Helped Me On A Downcast Day

Although my home is metro Atlanta, not London, I felt like it had been raining for weeks. One day, I was feeling alone, depressed, and down in the dumps, and a solution evaded me. When my mate, Tabatha, came over, she wished me to think about an online site that was selling comfortable shoes. I was resilient to begin with, and I asked her exactly why in the world she felt that would make me happy. The very last thing I wished to do was go shopping for shoes on the internet. I wished to listen to sad songs by Jeff Buckley within my bedroom and eat cookies. She was adamant, though, that I look, being the good friend that she is and not looking to quit on me.

My buddy is conscious--like everyone else in my life--that every day, I wear uncomfortable shoes to the office. My manager is really concerned about the dress code in the office. I ought to wear dress shoes every day with a pants suit or something else that looks truly professional. I also wear dress shoes that appear to be professional but are extremely uncomfortable. I am required to walk around a great deal in Midtown, though, during the day so my feet end up killing me by the end of the day.

My mate told me about this web page where I could browse a variety of comfy shoes that would be appropriate for the office. So you may think that comfortable shoes are ugly like I used to, but once I personally looked around, I found a number of footwear from Mephisto shoes and Finn Comfort shoes that could go with my work outfits and also look appealing. I was required to admit that purchasing the pair of Mephisto shoes that I did wound up cheering me up a little.

Then today, it absolutely was pouring down rain again, and I considered I was going to have a very bad day. Since I failed to remember my umbrella, I got actually wet when I was walking around. I also observed that my shoes were really causing problems today, making me more miserable than I already was. It was an incredibly bad day, and I didn’t think anything at all could make me happy. Then, I got home and right there, a package was waiting for me on my small front doorstep. It was my Mephisto shoes, needless to say, and I automatically felt better.

The shoes were definitely cute, and they were easily by far the most comfy shoes I had ever worn when I tried them on. They even looked superb with several of my work outfits. This really brightened up my depressing day and made me feel good about life. I checked the weather report, and it's predicting sun for the rest of the week so I feel better still. And now I am feeling impressive knowing that my shoes will be comfortable from here on out. Try it on your own and see what i'm saying!

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